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There are different ways to display your merch and sell to fans on Hawkr, you can use either a 'Merch Store', 'Merch Stands' or a combination of both.


Here we explain the difference and how you can use them to get the most out of Hawkr.


Merch stand – these are time and location stamped and behave more like a merch stand at a gig, they come and go with a show

Merch store -  these are more like a shop and stays open all the time with no date or location, until you turn them off

These can be set up and configured from within your artist account, log in here



Hawkr launched with ‘Merch Stands’ which allow you to set up a limited window stand for each gig you are playing. This is the best method to create hype around special drops or to reward fans at live shows with exclusive tour collections.   

Merch Stands behave more like a traditional merch stand at a gig, they are there only for that specific show.   However, Hawkr Merch Stands have an extended buying window as they open 12hours before the show and close 24hours after, helping you to make the most out of each Merch Stand you set up.


Merch Stands appear in the Hawkr app homepage feed as well as on your artist profile page.

When setting up a Merch Stand you need to select the time and date you are playing and the location, this can be a venue (or use a postcode if you can't find the venue).   If you are streaming a gig and want to sell merch, you can select 'Live Stream' to show that the gig doesn't have a physical venue.

There are also a number of other ways you can configure each Merch Stand.   One of the most important choices is whether you want to have it locked or not.   Locking a Merch Stand means that fans will need to unlock it before they can make a purchase in one of three ways, automatically via geolocation when they arrive at the venue, via a passcode which you can configure in the settings, or by scanning a QR code.


Locked stands mean less people will have access to your merch but it can be used to create hype around exclusive collections and to reward groups of fans that have earned it by actually coming to see you play.

When setting up a Merch Stand you can also choose which items of merch go in each stand, so you can put specific artwork designs, such as designs with venue names and dates, into the relevant Merch Stand.


Other configurations include tagging your Merch Stand to be part of a festival.


You have one Merch Store that you can have open for any length of time you want.    Your Merch Store is more like an always-on shop, not directly linked to a specific show, where fans can come at any time and buy merch.   


Fans can find your Merch Store on your artist profile page on the Hawkr app. This gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to set up individual merch stands for each show, or simplify things with just one non time specific Merch Store that is always live.   

Merch stores don't feature in the homepage feed on the app, so we recommend that it is still worth setting up Merch Stands as well as having a Merch Store, even if you choose to display the same merch designs in each.

As with Merch Stands, you choose whether to have your Merch Store locked or unlocked.  Generally speaking we would suggest you have your Merch Store unlocked.   You can also choose which items show in your Merch Store'.

There is no location on Merch Store and you can turn Merch Stores on an off in the settings.



For step by step instructions on setting up a Merch Stand click here 

For step by step instructions on setting up a Merch Store click here 


Still need help ordering display merch, please contact us at: 

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