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Hawkr are proud to have partnered with the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC). The FAC represent the interests of music artists. Hawkr’s  mission is to put the power of merch back in the hands of the artists, so there is a clear common ground and an alliance was a no brainer!
The FAC also recently launched the #100PercentVenues campaign against unjustifiable venue commissions on artists' merch at shows. Hawkr can help give artists have more control and options when selling merch, and we support the campaign.
As part of our partnership, Hawkr is offering all FAC members the chance to design and receive a free sample t-shirt, allowing you to test the platform and merch range.

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"Traditionally in the music industry two groups have been shut out of any negotiations and rights/revenue carve ups…and that's the artists and the fans. The formation of the FAC is all about changing this state of affairs…hopefully we can not only do artists justice, but also the people who listen to our music.” - Ed O’Brien, Radiohead

The Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) is the UK trade body representing the specific rights and interests of music artists. We are a not-for-profit organisation, serving a diverse, global membership of creators at all stages of their careers.


The FAC is formed by artists, for artists, and we place this ethos at the centre of all we do. We are an inclusive community that advocates, educates, collaborates and researches on behalf of artists, coming together to provide a strong, collective voice within the industry and to governments domestically and abroad.  

To learn more about the FAC, visit their website:


If you' like to know more, please contact us at: 

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