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Join us in our mission to create a better merchandising experience for all.


Hawkr is a revolutionary new way of buying and selling music merchandise at live gigs.  Our digital platform, with consumer facing app, makes the process better, simpler, more sustainable and a more rewarding experience for both fans and artists.

Hawkr combines live and dynamic virtual merch stands with the latest direct to garment printing, to create a more sustainable and streamlined process for all involved. 

In addition, it reduces carbon footprint, energy and water usage and uses nontoxic inks in the printing process.  We strive to make Hawkr the new way of merchandising, not only to help fans and artists connect, but to help the planet.

We are an ambitious start-up made up from a friendly and progressive team and our three founders have close connections to the music industry.  

We are both fans of music, and touring musicians. 


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Artist Recruitment Exec.

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Part time

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Digital Marketeer

Country: United Kingdom

Type: Part time / Freelance

Coming soon...


You will find details on requirements and how to apply in each job description.

If you still have a question you can email hello@hawkrlive.com