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Select the garment from the dropdown, decide whether you want your design to be single or double-sided print, choose your sale price and click 'calculate'

For tips on pricing and how our prices are set, see below the calculator


Hawkr aims to offer you a complete service to take the hassle out of merch, the following is included in the price you see below:

All the tools you need to set up and sell

Garment sourcing, printing and quality control

Order processing and fulfilment


Customer service, returns & exchanges

Processing of money and taxes


*Pricing updated 01/04/2024

Looking for a garment not currently listed, send us an email and we'll see if we can add it for you:


Here at Hawkr we aim to make everything as efficient and easy for you as possible! That way you can spend more time doing the thing you love, making and playing music.

When you sell a piece of merch, the whole process is as automated as possible, and you'll simply receive your money on a weekly basis into your chosen bank account.


Having been touring artists ourselves, we believe in being 100% transparent when it comes to where the money goes and how much you'll make per item. To make things clear, we’ve built an artist calculator so you can trial different sale prices and see how much you'll make per sale.


We’ve also broken it down in as much detail as possible, from the garment price, printing & fulfilment costs to transaction fees, VAT and Hawkr's commission.


On Hawkr, you can sell each item in your merch collection at a sale price of your choosing.


Costs of producing each garment are fixed, so your chosen sale price will directly impact how much you make for each sale.   As you increase the price you will increase your profit margin, however we do not recommend setting price too high, as this will stop fans from making a purchase.


There's also a minimum sale price for each garment, this is set so you can not make a loss from selling an item by pricing it below the cost of producing it.



• The cost of printing on a garment single sided verses double sided increases, so if you print double-sided it cost around £3.70 more to produce than single-sided.   It therefore makes sense to sell double sided items at a slightly higher price.


• If your audience is price sensitive and you want to set your sale price low, try designing a single sided garment as these are cheaper to produce. This allows you to sell it at a lower price point than a double-sided item

Tips on pricing


If you need help making sense of all this, please contact us at 

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