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Here at Hawkr we’ve always had a love / hate relationship with merch. We've been touring artists, managers, festival promoters and fans so have seen first-hand how special merch can be.


That moment it represents, the memory forever etched… in a garment.


“Come on man you didn’t see Maiden in '88 where’s the proof?”


You were either there or you weren’t!


But we’ve also been on the other side. As artists, we've carried boxes in and out each night. We've called couriers from abroad, chasing down lost shipments and we’ve seen left-over stock going to landfill.


And we've been fans, buying that special item, then losing it at the after-party.  Queuing, then not getting the size or colour we wanted whilst getting shouted at by security to hurry up...


One night on tour, sat on the merch stand with ear plugs in, there was a lightbulb moment! What if we could change all this? What if we could use the tools at our disposal to make merch a better experience for both artists and fans?

What if we could create something that allowed us to solve these issues and be more environmentally friendly whilst we're at it?


What if we could turn it into an all-round better experience for all involved? 



So we set out to build Hawkr. 

Our aim?


Create a new platform that helps artists by providing a better, more efficient and more sustainable way to sell merch, whilst giving fans a seamless, simpler and better experience when buying merch and supporting their favourite artists.

This is Hawkr and we love the new merch. 

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