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To set up a first merch stand you will need to know the time, date and venue or postcode of the gig (or you can select 'Live Stream' if you have no venue)

(We use a location search powered by Google Maps, if your venue is not on Google Maps you can just use a postcode)

To understand the difference between a 'Merch Stand' and a 'Merch Store' and how best to use each click here



step by step instructions below



Step 1:  Log in to your artist account


Step 2: Once logged in, click ‘Merch Stands’ in the left-hand menu bar


Step 3: on the next screen Click the ‘ADD MERCH STAND’ button on the middle right


Step 4: Fill out the time and date of your show, then select the time and date you would like you merch store to open and close – This is the window that fans will be able to buy from this merch store.   Leave the active button on green, unless you want to hide this merch stand until a later date, in which case toogle the button to red and it won't be visible on the app.


Step 5: If your gig is not a festival, leave the festival button off and continue to step 6.  If your gig is part of a festival, click the festival button and skip down to point 5(a).


Step 6: Click the 'Pick Place' button to choose the location of your gig. This is powered by Google so an auto prompt dropdown of locations should appear as you start to type (if you don't see the auto prompt list appear, this could be because you are running an add blocker). If the venue doesn't appear as it's not listed on Google, you can use a postcode.

If your gig is a streamed gig or other type where you have no physical venue, you can check the 'Live Stream' button and instead of showing a location address on the Hawkr app, it will say 'online'.


Step 7: It's optional to add a custom image to your merch stand, if you leave this blank, we will automatically use your profile image to save you time.


Step 7: Choose whether or not you want to lock your merch stand or not.   This gives you the option to increase exclusivity of merch by locking a stand, or to have it open for anyone to make a purchase without the need to unlock. 


As a reminder, a locked stand can be unlocked via a QR code or password (password can be set in the artist portal), or automatically via geo-location for merch stands linked to a specific venue or address.

Step 8: Chose an access code – This is a code you can give to fans to unlock the stand at any time even pre/post gig. Whilst stands will unlock automatically when fans are at the venue, this gives you a back-up option or a way for you to allow fans not at the show to unlock the stand

Step 9: Choose which products you want to show in the stand.   By default if you leave this blank, all items will show in the stand.   If you only want specific items to show, select the items from the list on the left, and move them over to the list on the right

Step 10: click the ‘save’ button



If the gig you are selling merch at is part of a festival, you’ll set it up slightly differently in order to group all artists at that festival.

Once you have clicked the ‘festival button’ on, continue with these steps:


Step 5 (a):  Select the festival you are playing at from the drop down menu.


If your festival is not listed in the dropdown, you can add it manually in the box below.

TIP: If you can no longer see the field to add your own festival, this may be because you have selected a festival using the dropdown menu. You can clear the dropdown field by clicking the 'x' on the right of the drop down field  and the ‘add your own’ field will reappear.

Once you have added your festival, continue with Step 6 above on the previous page

Festivl set up tip.jpg


Still need help ordering display merch, please contact us at: 

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