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My ‘Merch Store' is different from your ‘merch stands’.  


'Merch Stands' have a time and date and they come and go allowing you to set them up gig specific, however, your ‘Merch Store’ can always be switched on at any time and remain on for as long as you like.   It has no location or time period and is available on your artist profile page (it does not appear in the Hawkr gig feed on the home page of the app, this is for merch stands only).


This gives you the choice as to whether you want to set up individual merch stands for each show, or simplify things with just one merch store for everything.

To read more about the difference between a 'Merch Stand' and a 'Merch Store' and how best to use each click here


Step 1: Log into your artist profile and then in the menu on the lefthand side in the black bar, click on 'Merch Stands'

Step 2: On the new screen, click on the button that says 'My Merch Store' in the middle righthand side of the screen

Step 3: Configure your stand how you would like it, options include:


Setting your 'Merch Store' to active or inactive by using the 'active' button, green is active, red is inactive.


Decide whether you want fans to have to unlock you merch store before making a purchase or give open access.   Generally speaking we would suggest you have your Merch Store unlocked.   


You can also choose which items show in your 'Merch Store'.   By default if you leave this blank, all items will show in the store.   If you only want specific items to show, select the items from the list on the left, and move them over to the list on the right.

Note 07/04/22 - if you registered your Hawkr profile prior to the 7th of April, you may need to request that we turn on your 'merch store'  feature for you.   If you click the 'My Merch Store' button in your artist profile and you get a warning pop up, or nothing happens, please email us at 


Still need help ordering display merch, please contact us at: 

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