We have hand-picked our range for quality, social responsibility, sustainability and affordability.


We currently offer a core range of garments, are building an accessories range and we will be introducing a premium organic range in February 2022


Our standard garment range is made up from industry standard garments that offer affordability whilst being responsibly sourced and sustainably responsible.

Our core range is made up of the following garments:

  • Gildan GD01 SoftStyle Men's T-shirt - available in 55 colours 

  • Gildan GD72 SoftStyle Fitted T-shirt (Women's) - available in 24 colours 

  • Gildan GD11 SoftStyle long-sleeve - available in 8 colours

  • Gildan GD12 SoftStyle Tank Top - available in 6 colours

  • AWD JH001 Hoodie - available in 74 colours

  • AWD JH050 Zip Hoodie - available in 25 colours

  • AWD JH030 Sweatshirt – available in 42 colours

  • Bella Canvas CV3200 3/4 Length Sleeve Baseball Top - available in 10 colours

  • Westford Mill W261 Organic Premium Cotton Tote - available in 8 colours


Our premium organic range is coming soon and will be launched in April 2022


Our premium organic range offers high quality 100% organic ringspun combed cotton that is responsibly sourced.

Our range is made up of the following garments:

  • Stanley Stella Rocker T-shirt - available in 6 colours

  • Stanley Stella Jazzer womens T-shirt – available in 6 colours

  • Stanley Stella Shuffler longsleeve – available in 8 colours 

  • Stanley Stella Specter Tank Top – available in 5 colours 

  • AWD JH201 Hoodie – available in 12 colours 

  • AWD JH250 Zip Hoodie – available in 6 colours 

  • AWD JH230 Longsleeve – available in 10 colours 

  • Stanley Stella Totebag - Available in 4 colours